Massage and Wellness for Pets

We want to kindly connect and improve your pets’ life stages – physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. We assist your pets’ body by inviting a deeper relaxation state through applying different healing bodywork modalities like WEBB for Pets, Myofunctional Massage and Acupuncture. Our certified practitioner will give your pet a chance to find its own path to true wellbeing.

Why your dog needs a bodywork session?

Behavioral Problems

Whole Energy Body Balance for Pets (WEBB), one of the main techniques we use at PetZen, effectively releases pain, tension and trauma from your pets' body and mind; healing your pets deeply on many different levels. It is a non-invasive and effective hands-on modality that focuses on the Neuro-facial network to relax the body and mind.

We use various techniques (like WEBB and Acupuncture) that have proven benefits in helping pets who struggle to settle or suffer from stress and anxiety. WEBB has fantastic results specially on puppies to teach them self-soothing techniques or dogs who get over-aroused easily.

Each session combines a mix of Somatic Embodiment & Energy Flow, Leash Work, Canine Somatic Relaxation and WEBB techniques to focus on activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, repair).

PLUS, one-on-one personalised coaching during the first session, if required, to strengthen the bond between you and your pet by becoming more calmed, relaxed, and grounded.

Medical Conditions

More than 50% of dogs suffer from silent pain!

How to know if your pet is one of them? We can help you discover this! Pets with neck or back pain, arthritis, strains, springs or ligament damage, gait problems, musculoskeletal and other conditions diagnosed by their veterinarian can greatly benefit from massage and Acupuncture.

YES! We offer Acupuncture for pets as well.


Bodywork is fantastic for pets of all ages. (Like us!) they can benefit from targeted therapeutic and relaxing bodywork and massage techniques.

We can help your pets live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life FREE of pain and anxiety!


All sessions include calming music + pure and organic essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere for your best friend.
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The different bodywork techniques we use, focus on bringing balance to the body and mind by producing profound relaxation and/or alleviating pain.

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Non-invasive hands-on / hands-off technique called Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork (WEBB) that focuses on the neuro-facial network.

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e-Gift Card

This option lets you share the PetZen magic with your loved ones. It is great as a Birthday or Christmas present for your furry friend.

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Where to find us

Onsite and online workshops

If you or group of people is interested in learning about Bodywork and Energywork for pets to help them relax, settle, and be pain free then you will LOVE our workshops! 

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