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Policies and Payments

• All owners have to sign a consent form sent to their email address before first session.
• Home visits are only offered in Adelaide and no further than 30km from the CBD.
• All massage sessions have to be paid via bank transfer on the appointment day.
• All dogs have to be fully vaccinated.
• Dogs with medical conditions will require to present a Veterinary diagnosis prior first visit.
• Dog needs to be free of infectious or life-threatening disease/s.
• PetZen will reserve to treat dogs with aggression history.
• Female dogs in season won't be treated. 
• Pregnant dogs will be treated upon approval from their Veterinarian only of PetZen deems appropriate.
• For Dogcity Daycare bookings, all dogs have to be existing Dogcity Daycare clients.

Disclaimer: dogs are individuals and not every dog reacts the same to PetZen's sessions. First assessment of your dog is essential before performing or planning any treatment with PetZen or directing your dog to another health care practitioner.